Mar 12, 2016 · PowerShell : Extract Text from Image and Convert \ Print in any Language On 10th March, Xerox announced a Latest Technology (Translation Service) that can Scan a document, Translate it in any language and Print from the Scanner or from Xerox App.
Apr 27, 2020 · Test API Access using PowerShell Read Test. Now it’s time to test! You could use Postman or any API testing tool, but we’ll use PowerShell here. Use this sample code:
In this post, we will show you how to switch to PowerShell from Command Prompt with just one simple command. Open command prompt if it is not open It will open PowerShell terminal inside command prompt and we can enter PowerShell commands right here. The following command for switching to...
If you read system information like the free disk space via WMI, PowerShell will display the result in bytes. The same applies to Get-ChildItem (the counterpart to dir in cmd.exe), which also displays file sizes in bytes. In the case of big values, this is not really what you want. However, it is relatively easy to convert megabytes to gigabytes with PowerShell.